MDP Parliamentary Group calls for dismissal of MMA Governor

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Parliamentary Group has called on the President to remove the Governor of the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) Fazeel Najeeb from his position, accusing him of irresponsibility and “repeatedly failing to fulfill his legal obligations”.

In a statement, the Party said that the MMA Governor was legally required to not pursue any work other than that required of his role in the MMA.

”However because he is currently studying he spends most of the time out of the country,” said the MDP in a statement. ”Although the laws on MMA obligate the Governor to council the President on the financial condition of the country, the instruction and council is not being given to the president.”

The party claimed that Fazeel was not cooperating with the government to find a solution for the difficulty in bringing foreign currency to the country.

The statement explained that the Governor of the MMA is appointed and dismissed by the President with the council of the parliament, according to MMA Act, Act No 81/6 article 6 [3].

On 10 November last year, MDP Parliamentary group said the Finance Ministry had written to the Governor asking for steps the MMA would recommend be taken to resolve the foreign currency issue.

”But he never responded to the letter. The Finance Ministry wrote to the Governor again on January 16 of this year and he responded to the letter on 10 February,” claimed the MDP Parliamentary group, “but he did not mention how the issue might be solved.”

The parliamentary group further accused Fazeel of using the MMA’s credit card “for his own purposes.”

Minivan News attempted to contact Fazeel to respond to the MDP’s allegations, however his phone was switched off. Spokesperson for the MMA Ahmed Naseer told Minivan News that Fazeel was currently not in the Maldives and was unavailable for comment.