Auditor general raises concerns over monitoring of state assets

Auditor General Niyaz Ibrahim has hit out at the monitoring procedures of state assets, alleging that sums of leftover funding dating back as much as seventeen years had not been deposited into the government’s revenue account.

Along with Allegations that various offices may also have been using funds illegally, the auditor general said that monitoring of the transfer of assets between various government departments had been an ongoing problem for a “long time”, Haveeru has reported today.  He claimed this uncertainty had resulted in the exact assets of certain government offices not being known upon being transferred or merged with other bodies.

The comments were made to the media following a meeting of Parliament’s Finance Committee concerning issues with a Health Ministry audit report from 2010. The issues were said to relate to the transferring of the administration of hospitals and health centres to specially devised regional corporations under the previous government.

The new government announced back in April that 30 state companies, including these regional health corporations, would be abolished to try and streamline various public services.

Healthcare has been one area in particular singled out by the Waheed administration as needing major policy changes in recent months.

Alongside monitoring physical assets, Niyaz alleged that significant sums of revenue have been incorrectly left within state office accounts rather than a specially sanctioned government revenue account.