Green public lighting project launched in Hoadedhoo

A green public lighting has commenced in Hoadedhoo, Gaaf Dhaalu atoll which will replace ninety street and harbor lights with LED lights, and power twenty of these with solar energy.

The project titled ‘Improving efficiency in municipal street lighting and public space lighting in Hoadedhoo’ will also place 24 new streetlights in a recently populated area of the island .

Additionally, through this project a study will also be carried out to identify carbon emission contributions at houses and in other institutions on the island, with programmes being held to create renewable energy awareness in the community.

To initiate the project an inception workshop was held from 16 -17 May and a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between Hoadedhoo  Council and Huvadhoo Aid – the implementing organisation.

The project, worth US$73,750 is jointly funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) (US$48,700) and Huvadhu Aid (US$18,210) with contributions from the council and community (US$6,840).

Huvadhoo Aid is a Hoadedhoo based civil society organisation focused on rural socio-economic development and improving quality of life in Gaafu Alifu and Gaafu Dhaalu atolls. Initially established 1987, the organisation now has over 270 members.

GEF is an independent financial organisation consisting of a partnership between 183 countries which works with international institutions, civil society organisations, and the private sector to address global environmental issues.