President ratifies amendments to Clemency Act, Human Rights Commission Act

President Abdulla Yameen yesterday ratified amendments passed by parliament to the Clemency Act and Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) Act last month.

Amendments submitted on behalf of the government to the HRCM Act were among a number of bills drafted by the Attorney General’s Office to bring outdated laws in line with the Constitution adopted in August 2008.

The amendments confer powers to the HRCM to either suspend employees of state institutions for two weeks for not complying with the commission’s orders, or to impose a fine of between MVR3,000 (US$195) and MVR25,000 (US$1,621) for non-compliance.

Amendments submitted by Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) MP Ahmed Thoriq to the Clemency Act meanwhile state that convicts would be eligible for presidential pardon or reduction of sentences after serving one-quarter of a jail term. The period is currently one-third of a sentence.

Moreover, persons convicted of drug trafficking involving less than 14 grams would also be eligible for pardon or commuting of sentences.


Majlis members send six bills to committee

Six pieces of legislation submitted on behalf of the government by Progressive Party of Maldives MPs were sent to committee for further review at today’s sitting of parliament.

The bills include amendments to the Goods and Service Tax Act, amendments to the Immigration Act, a bill to repeal an outdated law on allowing detention for more than seven days, amendments to the Civil Service Act, amendments to the Human Rights Commission of Maldives Act, and amendments to a number of laws to remove inconsistencies with the Decentralisation Act.

While most of the bills were accepted and sent to committee with comfortable majorities of between 50 to 64 votes, the proposed amendment to the Immigration Act was accepted with 46 votes in favour and 19 against