Customs staffs complain to ACC over unfair promotions

More than 200 staff working for the Maldives Customs Department have signed a petition submitted to Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), alleging that employees had been promoted in violation of regulations.

According the petition the Customs Act mandates promotions be given according to specific regulations, which staff alleged had not been respected.

The staff members alleged that promotions had been given in a way that would benefit individual persons, and had divided staff in the department.

Customs workers told local media that they had met with the Commissioner General of Customs Mohamed Aswan and Home Minister Ahmed Shafeeu to discuss the issue.

The staff also warned that they would go on strike if the issue remained unresolved for too long.

Chair of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Hassan Luthfy told Minivan News that the petition had been submitted last week.

”It mainly states that there were some promotions given recently against regulations,” Luthfy said. ”The customs department have a lot of staff in total and some of them complained that the promotions were given against the regulations.”

“We have started looking in to the matter now,” said Luthfy, explaining that he would give further details after investigating the issue.