E-worker skills programme will allow women to work from home: CSC

The Civil Service Commission (CSC), the Ministry of Transport and Communication and the National Center for Information and Technology (NCIT) held discussions today on introducing a programme to allow civil servants to work from home.

Establishing mechanisms to allow women to work from home was one of President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s key campaign pledges.

The ‘E worker skills programme’ will familiarize civil servants with information and communication technology, CSC President Dr Mohamed Latheef said.

“Civil servants, from those at the lowest level to the highest levels, must be familiar with ICT [information and communication technology]. ICT is literacy of the work place,” Latheef said.


Transport Minister to chair ICT board

The Executive Committee for Information Communication Technology has been reconstituted.

President Mohamed Nasheed has appointed Minister of Transport and Communication Mohamed Adil Saleem as board chairman.

The Board is charged with monitoring and evaluating the consolidation and centralisation of ICT resources of the government.


Indian government to begin ICT project with Maldives

The Indian government has accepted the Maldives’ proposal for an Information Communication Technologies (ICT) project, reports Miadhu.

The US$5.3 million project will train 1,000 teachers and 500 youth over two years in the field of information technology.

The project will be conducted by the Indian National Institute for Information Technology (NIIT) and the Education Ministry of the Maldives.

For more information call 3341111.