Allied Insurance claims Maldives first with international health coverage plan

Allied Insurance has claimed to have launched the country’s first international health coverage policy that it says will allow individuals, families and businesses to access hospital services anywhere in the world.

Speaking at a launch ceremony in Male’ yesterday, the company, which has been providing insurance services since 2003, said that the new services will cover up to US$1 million in medical expenses for certain treatments, depending on the package chosen. Allied Insurance said that although it has worked to provide coverage suitable for all types of income, the international coverage have been devised for higher income earners in the country.

The company has claimed that the packages launched this week were accessible to both local people and foreigners in the country and could be added to existing local or regional coverage policies as a top up.

Provision of the services are said to have been made available through a collaboration with London-based international banking organisation Lloyd’s and the US-based Global Assurance Group.

While regional health policies for destinations like Singapore and Sri Lanka have been available for some time in the country, Allied claims that its premium packages will now allow for coverage everywhere in the world including the US and Canada.

Health insurance is becoming an increasingly important issue for state enterprises in the country, with the Maldivian government claiming it is forging ahead with efforts to offer universal coverage for Maldivians.