Adhaalath calls for caution over Jewish doctor visit

The religious Adhaalath Party has claimed the Maldivian public should be cautious of a team of Israeli doctors coming to the country this week to help perform eye surgery treatments, alleging that some medical staff from the nation have been involved in harvesting organs from “murdered Palestinians”.

Citing a press released sourced from the Adhaalath Party, Haveeru reported that the team of doctors, which form part of an organisation called Eye from Zion, are suspected of being financially supported during their visit by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC).

According to the release, the JDC is claimed to be a missionary group, though the organisation’s official website lists itself as a body to provide “humanitarian assistance”.
“A doctors’ team from Eye from Zion is visiting the Maldives in this eye camp. Do not think that they are from a normal hospital. We also understand that the doctors’ team is accompanied by an Israeli Foreign Ministry delegation,” quoted Haveeru from the Adhaalath press release.

The party has claimed that it is not trying to create a panic among the public, but added that it aimed to bring attention amongst international media of the alleged “actions against our brothers and sisters of Palestine.”

Haveeru added that the religious conservative political party had also accused the Maldives government of having “secret relations” with their Israeli counterparts.