Maldives participates in ITB Berlin fair

A total of 194 representatives from 75 tourism companies represented the Maldives this year at the InternationaleTourismus-Börse (ITB) travel trade show in Berlin.

The Maldives delegation was led by the Managing Director of Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) Mr. Abdulla Ziyath.

The MMPRC designed a new stand for the Maldives this year. The new design concept of the stand would allow for better business to business meetings in a modern setting with attractive imagery of the country.

“The stand has an interactive area for display of handicraft activity and cultural performances, and a more serene spa area to highlight on the relaxation and rejuvenation segment,” a statement by the MMPRC read.

“Furthermore, Maldivian gastronomy will be an added highlight at the stand through Maldivian made short eats.”


UK and Germany lift travel restrictions to the Maldives

The UK and Germany have lifted all travel restrictions to the Maldives, reports Sun Online.

Speaking to the press at Berlin’s ITB Fair, Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb said he had met with UK and German foreign office officials and the media, and had been able to assure safety for tourists in the Maldives.

“Our main message is that Maldives is a safe destination for tourists. We have given them this confidence. In the past three days, I met with senior officials and the media to give them this message and confidence. The results of it have been good. Because of it Germany has lifted travel advisory. So has the UK,” Adeeb told Sun Online.

The ITB Berlin Fair was held from March 7-11. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) revised travel advice to the Maldives on March 8. The UK and Germany issued travel warnings to the capital Malé following the events of February 7, 2012.


President Nasheed attends opening ceremony of ITB

President Mohamed Nasheed attended the official opening ceremony for the International Tourism Bourse (ITB) 2010 travel fair in Berlin on Tuesday night.

The ITB is the world’s leading travel trade show, with as many as 11,127 exhibitors gathering for this year’s show. Travel destinations, tour operators, booking systems, carriers, hotels and other service providers and suppliers were represented at the fair.

The Maldives Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) and other tourism operators from the Maldives participated at the ITB.