Parliament accepts bill on expediting formation of Islamic University

The parliament today accepted for consideration a bill on expediting the establishment of the Islamic University of Maldives.

Legislation on establishing the Islamic University by upgrading the Islamic College or ‘Kulliya’ was passed and ratified in April. The law was due to come into force in August.

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) MP Mohamed Waheed Ibrahim proposed amendments to the law to turn the college’s council into the university’s interim council. The acting vice chancellor will also appoint acting deputy vice chancellors in consultation with the council until the president makes new appointments.

The law currently states that Kulliya’s vice rectors will serve as deputy vice chancellors until new appointments are made. The acting vice chancellor will be the head of the council.

The amendments will come into effect following ratification by the president. The amendment bill was sent to committee for further review at today’s sitting with 32 votes in favour, 16 against, and two abstentions.

During today’s debate, opposition MPs accused Waheed of proposing the changes with the intention of dismissing senior officials at the college and current rector Dr Ibrahim Zakariyya Moosa in particular.


Parliament passes Islamic university bill

Parliament yesterday passed a bill to establish an Islamic university in the Maldives.

The legislation was passed unanimously with 55 votes in favour and outlines powers and responsibilities of the envisioned higher education institution.

Once ratified, the current Islamic college or ‘Kulliya’ will be upgraded to a university. The speaker of parliament will serve as an interim chancellor until one is appointed.

MPs of the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives hailed the passage of the bill as “historic” and praised president Abdulla Yameen’s administration for submitting the bill as pledged during the 2013 presidential campaign.