Kadhdhoo to become military airport

Kadhdhoo Airport in Laamu Atoll is to be turned into a military facility, reports Sun Online.

Minister of Defence Colonel (Retired) Mohamed Nazim told Sun that the airport had been handed over to his ministry and would begin operations as a military airport in January next year.

“This would not disturb the domestic flights. Our facilities would be installed there, and new jobs would be created”, Nazim told Sun.

The Maldives National Defence Force currently owns two helicopters – both gifts from India, though Nazim said he hoped new aircraft would be acquired.

Kadhdhoo Airport was opened in 1993, and currently operates flights between Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in Malé and Gan International Airport in Addu.

Nazim has previously announced plans to secure revenue for the MNDF’s welfare schemes, including the commercialisation of its new naval base, its military hospital, and the training island at Thamburudhoo.

Late last year, the defence minister announced a new strategic action plan for the force which involved the introduction of an MNDF TV station – Addana TV (Shield TV) – and the upgrading of Senahiya hospital.

Source: Sun Online


Fault in Laamu Kadhdhoo aiport’s only fire truck causes operations to halt

The only fire truck at Laamu Kadhdhoo airport failed to start this morning causing airport operations to come to a halt.

Due to a fault in the fire truck, Ahmed Ali, who is currently in charge of the airport, said it had not been possible for any aircraft to land at the airport since 9:30am.

Operations were also suspended yesterday due to the same problem.

“We only have one fire truck. The truck has failed to start, so operations have been suspended,” Ali told local media.

While efforts to repair the truck were underway, Ali said that some of the equipment required to repair the truck was not at the airport.

According to Ali, airport operations are to resume by 8:00pm tonight (December 17).

Aviation law prohibits airplanes from landing at an airport without the presence of an operational fire truck.