Island Council office struck by lightning

The Rasgetheemu Island Council in Raa Atoll was struck by lightning yesterday (April 27) destroying all the office computer systems, reports local media.

The thunderstorm reached the island at approximately 3pm and shortly afterward the island council office was struck by lightning, “burning” six computer systems within the building, Island Council President Aishath Nazlee told local media.

“The lightning struck the antenna on top of the building. But as soon as lightning had struck, the computer systems inside the office were burned, although inside the council office had not caught on fire,” Nazlee said.

No one was injured given that the office was vacant over the weekend, however no communications are currently possible.


Children injured by lightning

Lightning strikes have injured four children in Haa Alifu Dhidhoo.

Miadhu reported that the four children were playing at an abandoned house during a heavy rain storm, which was struck by lightning. Two of the boys were below the age of 18 years while the other two were 18.

The Dhidhoo hospital reported that one child’s condition was serious while another had already been released, reports Miadhu.

The lightning strike had also caused some houses in Dhidhoo to lose electricity.