Maldives Gas limits supply to restaurants and cafes

The Madives Gas Pvt Ltd has limited the supply of bottled gas to restaurants, eateries and cafes following a delay in a shipment due to arrive next Sunday.

Managing Director Abdulla Maumoon told online news outlet CNM that a cargo boat carrying the shipment of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) was delayed due to bad weather in the region and was now expected to arrive two days late on Wednesday, August 26.

If restaurants and cafes bring two empty containers, Maumoon said the company would refill two with the remaining to be filled after the shipment arrives.

No restrictions would be placed on providing gas to households, he added, noting that one day’s worth of gas has been held in reserve.

In June 2013, resort operators and businesses across the Maldives were forced to dramatically alter menus and even temporarily close entire restaurants after weeks of disruptions to the supply of LPG.