Over 100,000 registered mobile internet users in the Maldives

The number of registered mobile internet users in the Maldives has passed the 100,000 mark, statistics from the Telecommunications Authority have revealed.

According to local media, the statistics show that the country had a total of 104,671 registered mobile internet users at the end of February – a 25,000 user increase compared to January’s figures.

The total number of mobile users in the country grew to 578,010 in February, local media reported, while the number of fixed land lines stood at 24,122.

Statistics also show that there are 129 pay phones in the Maldives, with all but one of the pay phones located in Male’.


Dhiraagu launches BlackBerry

Dhiraagu has officially launched BlackBerry services, and now offers customers three BlackBerry Smartphone plans, which can be added to postpaid plans.

At  a press  conference  held  at  Dhiraagu  today Director of Marketing Ahmed  Maumoon said,  “After  a  very  successful  soft‐launch  period  for  thorough  testing  of  the  BES
solution  with  different  customer  groups  we  are  delighted  to  unveil  Dhiraagu  BlackBerry Smartphone Plans with the largest network in the Maldives.”

Maumoon commented that the preliminary soft launch period was proof Dhiraagu’s attention to customer needs and preferences.

In September of this  year, competitor Wataniya launched BlackBerry service in the Maldives. Officials at the time considered it an important step for business in the country, given the service’s reputation for strong security.