The Commonwealth should threaten to expel the Maldives: Mark Seddon

Writing for the Huffington Post, UK journalist Mark Seddon has suggested that the Commonwealth should to threaten to expel the Maldives, following what the nation’s former government called a military coup d’etat on Tuesday, February 7.

“The Commonwealth should immediately threaten to expel the Maldives, as it did when the military seized power in Fiji. And the behemoth that is the European Union should threaten sanctions unless Mohamed Nasheed and his supporters are freed and returned to their rightful place – in government,” Seddon writes.

In his article, Seddon accuses the UK government of “waxing on about the importance of democracy in the Maldives while parading the accepted wisdom that Nasheed had somehow stepped down of his own volition, and been replaced by his vice president.”

“Prime minister David Cameron, despite having boldly declared that ‘Mohamed Nasheed is a friend of mine’, a few months back echoed this pusillanimity with his own: ‘this country does have strong links with the Maldives’, said Cameron, onion in hand, ‘and a good relationship with President Nasheed, but we have to be clear. President Nasheed has resigned, and we have a strong interest in the well-being of several thousand British tourists and in a stable and democratic government in the Maldives.’

“On the basis of that performance, just who would want to be a friend of David Cameron?” Seddon writes.

Observing that “The ‘Maldives Spring’ pre-dated that of the Arab Spring by six years,” Seddon continues that Maldivians “surely deserve a whole lot better from the international community? The mealy mouthed response from the British in particular just will not do. Diplomatic relations should be immediately suspended until the rule of law is once again established.”

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