High Court refuses to accept case requesting invalidation of MDP Feydhoo ticket winner’s candidacy

The High Court has refused to accept a case filed by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Alhan Fahmy requesting invalidation of the MDP’s Feydhoo primary winner Mohamed Nihad’s candidacy.

Alhan’s sister, Noorban Fahmy – also the Feydhoo MPs’ lawyer – told local media that the High Court’s registrar informed her that it could not hear cases related to internal elections conducted by political parties.

The case will be filed at the Civil Court tomorrow, she said.

“I asked for the primary to be annulled because the list used on polling day and the [eligible] voter list is different, and the focal point at the ballot box in Feydhoo has said the polls are not fair. And none of the candidates have signed the results,” Alhan had previously told newspaper Haveeru.

The incumbent MP contends that the election in the Feydhoo constituency was fraudulent and that any candidate who won the MDP ticket through fraud cannot be a valid one.

Nihad competed against eight candidates, winning 316 votes. Alhan came in second with 154 votes.

Alhan called for a fresh vote in the constituency, claiming the voter list used at polling stations was outdated and did not afford 67 party members the right to vote.

The party’s election committee has confirmed that 67 members were indeed missing from the list at the ballot box, but decided against holding a re-vote, arguing the primary outcome would not change even if the 67 members were allowed to vote.

Alhan was stabbed in public on February 1 and is currently receiving treatment at Colombo’s Central Hospital. He has announced he will contest March’s People’s Majlis election as an independent.