High Court rules Miladhoo Council election need not be annulled

In response to a case submitted to the High Court by a candidate alleging irregularities in Noonu Atoll Miladhoo’s council election, the superior court has ruled that there is no reason why the election needs to be annulled.

Accepting that there were problems in the first election held on January 18, the Elections Commission held a revote in Miladhoo on February 15.

Ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) candidate Mohamed Ali from Bahaaruge of Miladhoo island then filed a case in the High Court asking for the revote to be annulled too.

The High Court maintains that there are no issues with the second vote which call for an annulment.


Attempted robbery at Miladhoo Magistrate’s court

The Magistrate’s court of Miladhoo was broken into Saturday night (August 18), according to local media.

The court has been operating out of a house on the island since the official premises were damaged in an arson attack last year.

Thieves appeared to have attempted to break into the safe at the property, which at the time was said to have contained MVR125 (US$8), but were unsuccessful, Sun Online has reported.

The court was also targeted by thieves in April this year, who were said to have stolen MVR7000 (US$454). The island in Noonu Atoll has also seen three robbery-related arsons this year, local media has reported.

A police team is said to have arrived on the island as of today.