Swords, knives found inside residence of MP Ibrahim Riza

Police have said that two swords and a knife have been discovered in a house in Male’.

Local media has reported that the residence, identified as Crab Tree House, is the home of Guraidhoo Constituency MP, Ibrahim Riza.

Speaking to Minivan News today Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef said that the swords and the knife were suspected of having been kept at the house for a significant time, describing their appearance as being rusty and old.

” Two four foot long swords and a knife were found,’’ Haneef confirmed.

Local media today reported that police have strengthened security provided to Riza following the discovery of the sharp weapons.

However, Haneef has told Minivan News that police had always been providing security to MPs.

The discovery of the weapons was revealed at today’s sitting of parliament by MPs Ali Waheed and Ilham Ahmed. The latter said that he lived next door to MP Riza and expressed  concern over the security provided to MPs.