Parliament passes amendments to increase child support payments

Parliament has passed amendments to increase the amount of money for child support to MVR 2,000 (US$130) as part of the Family Regulation.

Amendments proposed to article 65 state that that a father who has more than one child must pay MVR 1,000 (US$65) per child per month as child support until the children reaches the age of 18.

According to the amendments, a father who has one child is required to pay MVR 2,000 per month until the child turns 18.

Amendments proposed to article 63 (a) also state that MVR 2,000 per month must be provided during iddah – a period of waiting undertaken by a woman after a divorce.

Previously, the Family Regulation stated that MVR 500 (US$32) should be provided to women during iddah, and MVR 250 (US$16) should be provided as child support, local media reported.

In accordance to article 55 of the Family Act, if a father does not have the financial means to support his children, the court will discuss the issue with the relatives of children in order to make them responsible for the child’s upbringing should they agree.


Maldivian vessel held at Colombo port upon court order

A cargo vessel of Maldivian origin has reportedly been held by port authorities in Colombo, Sri Lanka, over claims the ship’s owners had not paid outstanding dues.

Haveeru has reported that the Sri Lanka Ports Authority has said that the vessel was detained last week following the issue of a court order concerning payments.

Shanthi Weerakoon, Director of Merchant Shipping for the local port authority, told the newspaper that ship detentions often occurred in cases where cargo companies were believed to have delayed payments to shipping agents or port officials. Weerakoon added that no timeframe had been set to release the ship at present depending on possible outstanding payments.