President Nasheed discusses the importance of land use

President Mohamed Nasheed has discussed the importance of land use planing for a sustainable economy in his weekly address on the Voice of Maldives last Friday.

President Nasheed said planning land use needed to insure everyone’s interests and needs, and noted that land was one of the most important assets in the Maldives.

He said when planning how to use land, it is necessary to facilitate housing for all citizens, as well as providing equal economic opportunities for everyone and minimising negative impacts on the environment and people.

President Nasheed said the government will create a register of all sandbanks and small islands “in the near future.”

He said unused or abandoned land in the islands posed difficulties, and noted that some people were reclaiming “vast swaths of land” and exploiting them for economic benefits, but the state or public were not getting “due profits.”

President Nasheed said the Cabinet is working on a framework on land use laws, keeping in mind relevant laws, regulations and other historical documents.