Bidding opens for Kulhudhufushi plots

Bidding is now open for 20 plots of land on the newly-reclaimed Kulhudhufushi Development Zone in Haa Dhaal atoll Kulhudhufushi.

Plots measure 1000 feet squared and will be sold at a rate of Rf300 per foot squared, Kulhudhufushi Development Corporation Ltd. has told Haveeru.

Bidders are asked to pay 25 percent of the proposed bidding price as down payment along with Rf50,000 bid security, and the total price within a week of winning a plot. Alternatively, payments may be made in two installments or over five years, with interest.

Bidding is open to all, except individuals who own plots of 600 feet squared or more anywhere in the country, reports Haveeru.

Proposals will be accepted at Afeefuddeen School until November 24.