Nasheed makes Cameron’s top five for Berlusconi stag party

If given the chance, British Prime Minister David Cameron would include President Mohamed Nasheed in a stag weekend organised by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Graffiti artist Eine published a Q&A in UK media The Guardian in which he asked Cameron to choose five living world leaders to invite, and if he omitted Bill Clinton, to explain why.

After listing Clinton and Obama, Cameron said, “My new best friend is the president of the Maldives. He’s great.”

Press Secretary at the President’s Office Mohamed Zuhair told Haveeru that President Nasheed and the British PM maintain an “ever growing” friendship, and that their respective parties share a close partnership.

France’s Nicholas Sarkozy and New Zealand’s John Key also made the list.

Cameron gave one of Eine’s pieces to Obama as an official gift in 2010.