Minivan News team wins Earth Hour Quiz

Minivan News journalists won first place in the Earth Hour Quiz organised by the global logistics service provider Federal Express Corporation (FedEx), in collaboration with Maldives Youth Climate Action Network (MYCN).

“We were lucky enough to have a very diverse group of environmental enthusiasts from surfers to shippers, accountants, couriers, journalists, cameramen as participants,” said Grant Baxter, Sales and Marketing Manager of the Holidayland Maldives, the new FedEx Licensee in Maldives.

Nearly 30 participants were divided into groups of three, and asked questions relating to the local background, environment, history and entertainment.

Minivan News journalists Daniel Bosley, Zaheena Rasheed and Hawwa Lubna won the first round and achieved highest overall score, winning a surfing lesson and a sponsored fishing trip.

During the Earth Hour, 8:30pm and 9:30pm, the lights at FedEx office were switched off while inside the participants were briefed on the increasing menace of plastic waste in the country.

According to Baxter, the event marks the relaunch of FedEx services in the Maldives under the new local partner Holidayland, which replaced Universal Enterprises as the local FedEx agent on February 15.

Baxter observed that the company aims to be more localised and sensitive to the needs of the local market while it promotes the brand through events such as the Earth Hour quiz gathering, boat trips and community upliftment projects.