Red Bull reveals plans for ‘Catch the Ferry’ road race

Runners in the Maldives can expect a new challenge unlike any seen in the Maldives before. The Red Bull Catch the Ferry (RBCF) road race is set to commence on May 31. Unlike other road races previously held in the Maldives, the RBCF road race will see participants compete in a 12.6km race across Malé, Hulhumalé and Vilingili.

To progress, runners will need to make it around each of the routes on the island and catch the ferry before it departs for the next leg of the race. Ferries will leave at progressively quicker intervals before departing for the next leg, reads the press statement.

“This very unique concept, offering Maldivian runners to a new challenge. Red Bull Catch the Ferry combines challenge, excitement and fun in one competition. Athletes are really looking forward for this exciting event,” Half Marathon record holder Naseer Ismail states on the press release.

Accordidng to the statement, the fastest male and female of the race will win an opportunity to attend the Almáty edition of the Red Bull 400, which is scheduled to be held inKazakhstan in August this year.

Red Bull 400 is the steepest uphill race that takes place in Europe, and was created by former world-class sprinter Andreas Berger.

The race will take place from 15:50 – 18:00, May 31 2014, starting at the Raalhugandu Helipad Area, Boduthakurufaanu Magu in Malé.

Other races in the Maldives include the Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race, which will take place on June 6.

One of the largest athletic events in the country, the Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race comprises of 5km and 10km. The run is dedicated for a social cause, and this year’s theme is ‘Help Protect Our Children’. Local telecoms company Dhiraagu initially started the event in 2007 as a way of promoting healthier lifestyles for Maldivians.

The race is scheduled to take place in the afternoon of June 6 2014, at Male’ City (Raalhugandu Area), accompanied by live music and children’s activities. Since its inception in 2007, this is the 8th consecutive year of the event.


Motor racing comes to the Maldives: Piston Motor Racing Challenge 2013

An “official” street racing event open to drivers and motorcyclists in the Maldives is to take place in Hulhumale’ later this month as part of the Maldives Motor Racing Association’s (MMRA) ‘Piston Motor Racing Challenge 2013’.

The event will give individuals the chance to experience racing with “no speed limits”, as long as they meet race requirements and have access to a vehicle, Piston Motor Racing Challenge Event Organiser Ismail Agleem told Minivan News today.

According to the event’s Facebook page, the race is the only motor racing challenge in the Maldives and is being undertaken in association with the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) and MMRA.

“We have a special area in the industrial ground of Hulhumale’ which will be closed off for the riders and drivers to race in. It is going to set the benchmark for motor sport racing in the Maldives”, Agleem said.

“We want to encourage motor sport racing in the Maldives and eventually build an official track to encourage sports tourists into the country. It is an ideal location to attract people interested in motor racing,” he added.

According to the MMRA website, individuals who hold a valid licence and are “physically and mentally fit” will be eligible to take part in the race.

Agleem said that while anyone who meets the race requirements can enter, motor cyclists will be required to have five days worth of practice and car drivers will need to attend a practice session. Any competitor who fails to attend these sessions will be deemed a “non-qualifier”.

The MMRA website states that competitors in the junior events should also attach a “no objection” letter from a parent or guardian when submitting entry forms.

Asked whether there was a risk that the competitors – some of whom who may have only driven in the speed controlled zones of Male’ – risked an accident, Ismail said there had been “no serious accidents” in previous events, and that drivers are given plenty of time to practice.

Speed limits in Male, according to Transport Authority Chairman Abdul Rasheed Nafiz, are less than 30km/h, whereas for motorcycles the speed limit is just over 25km/h.

Police Spokesman Hassan Haneef today said that the Maldives Police Service (MPS) would be meeting with event organisers tomorrow to discuss matters regarding the race.

“Clearly driving [at speed] is an issue and that is our concern. We will be meeting with the event organisers tomorrow to discuss how we can work together,” Haneef told Minivan News.

Agleem said that roughly 95 vehicles will take part in the event, spread out across a 14 different races based on engine size and vehicle type.

According to Agleem, while the event is the fifth of its kind, it is the first time the MNDF have been involved and MMRA have worked together with Piston.

MNDF spokesman Colonel Abdul Raheem confirmed to Minivan News that the MNDF are involved in the event helping with “security and the preparation of the event.”

Raheem further stated that the MNDF will be providing medical services and an ambulance should it be needed.

Responsible driving

The MMRA website claims the event will “provide a safe environment for racers to come out and show their talent” while also directly helping “to reduce traffic violations” in regard to speeding and dangerous driving.

MMRA members are not allowed to perform stunts without permission of “concerned authorities” and is fully against illegal street racing, the website states.

According to the MMRA website, the association was legally registered in 2009 and has organised many events, rider development programs and fundraisers in the past years.

The Piston Motor Racing Challenge Facebook page also states that organisers will be working together with local law enforcement agencies to ensure public road safety.

Starting on January 18, the event will be officially launched at Raalhugandu in Male, followed by a car and bike procession through the main streets of Male’.

Qualifying rounds for the race will take place in Hulhumale on January 25, and the actual race will take place on January 26, according to the MMRA website.

Between the race days, the Facebook page states there there will be raves, drag races, DJs and live music as well as stunt shows and fireworks.

“We have invited all cabinet and parliament members to come along to the races too,” added Agleem.

Race day events

There will be a total of ten motorcycle races and four car race events as follows:

Motorcyle events:

  • Mio, Airblade, PCX open event
  • 125 modified
  • 135 modified
  • 125 to 135 open
  • 125 to 200 manual open
  • 400 to 750 modified
  • 600 to 1000 modified
  • 400 to 1000 open event
  • Exhibit event
  • Ladies scooter event

Car race events:

  • 1000 to 1600 modified
  • 1600 to 2000 modified
  • Up to 3000 and  above open event
  • RX8 event

Race entries are now closed. Photographs by ‘rushhphotos’.


Politics of race and corruption impoverishing Malaysia: Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

“Without a doubt, Malaysia is slipping. Billions have been looted from this country, and billions more are being siphoned out as our entire political structure crumbles,’ claims former finance minister Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah speaking at the 4th Annual Malaysian Student Leaders Summit. “Yet we are gathered here in comfort, in a country that still seems to ‘work’ – most of the time. This is due less to good management than to the extraordinary wealth of this country.”

“Last year, we received US$1.38 billion in investments but US$8.04 billion flowed out. We are the only country in Southeast Asia that has suffered net FDI outflow,” he said. “I am not against outward investment. It can be a good thing for the country. But an imbalance on this scale indicates capital flight, not mere investment overseas.”

“When race and money entered our game, we declined,” he said. “The same applies to our political and economic life.”

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