“Staff sniggered” after tourist alleges electric shock from exposed wiring

A 37 year-old British woman who claimed to have suffered an electric shock while staying at Adaaran Club Rannalhi in September 2010 is taking legal action against the resort, reports the South Wales Echo.

Amanda Llewellyn-Pace, who was visiting the resort from Cardiff with her husband Rhodri for their fourth wedding anniversary, claimed she was “nearly killed” crossing a bridge at Rannalhi when seawater lapping across it came into contact with exposed wiring.

Llewellyn-Pace told the Echo that she was flung onto her back by the jolt and had to be rescued by her husband, who was wearing rubber-soled shoes.

Her husband, a London-based quantity surveyor, said that “hotel staff were sniggering, and this was at a so-called four-star hotel.”

According to the Echo, Llewellyn-Pace was returning from a snorkelling trip when she crossed the two-metre wide bridge in bare feet. She told the newspaper that the bridge became live whenever a wave crossed it due to loose wiring in the circuit used to light the walkway.

“My legs felt like they were in a clamp, like something was grabbing my legs. Obviously nothing was,” she said, claiming she was still on painkillers and having physiotherapy six months after the incident.

An assistant manager at the resort confirmed that the management was aware of the matter and that the couple were taking legal action.

“It was a very rainy day and there was some work going on [to the bridge],” the assistant manager said, adding that there had been signage boards in place and that the work was not electrical, but due to a broken wooden area of the bridge.

“There was no evidence [of the electric shock] and there were no eyewitnesses,” the assistant manager said. The guests had informed the front office of the incident but declined to be taken to a doctor, the resort said.