Police officers find their names included on party registries against their knowledge

The Maldives Police Service have revealed that a number of its officers have had their names unknowingly included in certain political party membership registers.

Police Spokesperson Chief Inspector Hassan Haneef told local media on Thursday (March 14) that an unspecified number of police staff had been registered to political parties without their knowledge.

A tweet posted by Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz on Thursday said that Assistant Commissioner of Police Ali Rasheed’s name was also found to be listed on a parties registry without his knowledge.

Article 69 (c) of the Police Act prohibits policemen from registering to political parties, being directly involved in political activities, and financially contributing to a such parties, local media reported.


Election Commission to establish units in Maldives atolls

Election Commission (EC) units manned by permanent staff are to be established in every atoll in the Maldives, local media has reported.

EC member Ali Mohamed Manik told local media that the units are to be established in 20 Atolls and that three members of staff will be employed at 13 of the 20 units.

While one assistant director and two other staff members will be employed at each of the 13 units, the remaining seven will only have an admin officer and an office assistant due to a lack of funds.

According to local media, the units are to be located at the atoll capital’s council offices, with five Atoll offices having confirmed availability of space for establishing the units.

EC President Fuad Thaufeeg told local media that the main task of the employees at the units would be to maintain the Atoll registries as efficiently as possible.

“We have difficulties in obtaining information, especially related to deaths. They would remove those people from the list. They would also work with preparing and holding by-elections,” Thaufeeq was quoted as saying by Sun Online.