Thoddoo bolsters schools, sewers and sea walls

President Mohamed Nasheed inaugurated the newly-established sewer systems as well as the revetment of the seawall in Alifu Alifu Thoddoo on Monday, October 17.

The President has also laid the foundation for six new classrooms at Thoddoo Madhurasa. The classrooms are part of a government plan to convert all schools to single session schools.

Commending residents of Thoddoo for their hard work on island development, the President also pointed out that the island sells many local products on the market.

During World Food Day celebrations on Sunday, October 16, the President encouraged the Maldivian people to make greater use of their local natural resources and promote a sustainable economy.


Sink hole discovered on sea wall

A sink hole was discovered on the road near Nasandhura Palace Hotel last Friday.

According to Haveeru, the hole was the result of low-quality sheet piling work done on the sea wall.

Haveeru reported that the sheet piling was above the sea bed in two places by two feet and four feet respectively.

The Housing, Transport and Environment ministry said that it was not a serious issue and repairs would commence very soon.