High Court throws out Nazim’s search warrant appeal

The High Court today declined to rule on an appeal lodged by former Defense Minister Mohamed Nazim requesting the appellate court overturn a Criminal Court issued search warrant.

The police used the warrant to raid Nazim’s apartment in the early hours of January 18, and announced they had discovered a pistol and bullets in a bedside drawer.

Nazim was subsequently accused of plotting to overthrow the government and plans to harm senior government officials. The police arrested him on February 10.

The High Court today said a ruling on the search warrant at this time might effect an ongoing criminal trial against Nazim over illegal weapons possession, but said Nazim’s legal team could appeal the warrant at the Criminal Court.

The former defense minister has claimed the weapons were planted in order to frame him.

At the first hearing of Nazim’s criminal trial yesterday, state prosecutors accused the former defense minister of conspiring with the Villa Group – owned by opposition Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim – to harm senior state officials.


Five suspects arrested in connection with gang violence

Police arrested four suspects with drugs and weapons from a residence in the Maafanu ward of the capital Malé last night.

According to police media, police searched Maafanu Badufangige with a search warrant at around 11:00pm and took four men into custody after discovering weapons, four balaclavas, and a packet containing illicit narcotics.

A fifth male suspect was also arrested last night with weapons and drugs after searching a residence in Malé.

The suspect was taken into custody from Maafanu Azma after obtaining a search and arrest warrant.

As part of efforts to curb gang violence, police have also been questioning and frisking individuals “loitering on the streets with no purpose” both after midnight and during the day.