Police arrest man on Noonu Atoll for sexually abusing daughter

A man has been arrested in Noonu Atoll for alleged sexual abuse of his 15 year-old daughter.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that a man was arrested in Noonu Atoll on charges of sexual abuse.

He said that further information could not be provided at the moment.

However, a person familiar with the matter told Minivan News that the case had been reported and the girl was being examined by police. He claimed the arrested person was the girl’s father, and that he had been charged with molestation.

The source claimed the girl’s boyfriend had secretly “gathered evidence” that the abuse was occurring before presenting it to her and assisting her in reporting it to the police.

The abuse had been occurring for some time, the source claimed.


18 year-old sentenced to one year’s prison for entering room of under-age girl

The Criminal Court has sentenced an 18 year-old boy for entering the room of a 13 year-old girl with the intention of having sex with her, reports SunFM.

The radio station reported that the 18 year-old man was charged for “staying in isolation” with an under-aged girl, with the intention of having sex with her.

The accused denied the charges in court and claimed that it was a set-up by the girl’s mother.

According to SunFM, the boy claimed the girl’s mother phoned him through the girl’s phone, and invited him to come over before reporting him to police.

However, the Criminal Court declared that although the 18 year-old claimed he entered the girl’s room with her consent, she was not of an age that could give consent to do such an activity.


Same lawyer acting as defence and prosecution in Qary Thaufeeg child molestation case

Police have complained that the defence lawyer of Al-Qary Hussain Thaufeeq, a renowned reciter of the Quran who was recently arrested on multiple charges of child sex abuse,  also served as the prosecution lawyer for one of Thaufeeq’s alleged victims.

Thaufeeq formerly hosted a daily Quran teaching programme on Television Maldives (TVM) for school children every evening after Isha prayers. Prior to his arrest, he also led Friday prayers and conducted sermons.

A police media official said that police would not disclose details regarding the case, but said the lawyer Abdulla Shiyaz had appeared as both Thaufeeq’s defence and as prosecution for one of the girls he allegedly molested.

Legal Officer of the Criminal Court, Mohamed Amir, said the police concerns had been presented to the Criminal Court.

“There were two defence lawyers for Thaufeeq, Abdulla Shiyaz and Ali Shah,” he said. “Police have claimed Abdulla Shiyaz appeared in court as the prosecution lawyer for an alleged victim of the accused. When the investigation is ongoing, the victim has the right to present her own lawyer if she wishes so.’’

Amir said the police investigation team have claimed that the issue could obstruct the police investigation and influence the witnesses.

‘’It is against the code of ethics of lawyers to appear as both prosecution and defence lawyer at the same case,’’ Amir noted.

However Abdulla Shiyaz told local news paper Haveeru that he denied the charges and claimed it was an attempt by police to denigrate his reputation.

He said that when he appeared in court on the victim’s side, he did not know that it was a case related to Thaufeeq.