Renowned Quran reciter arrested for molesting children

Renowned Qary (Quran reciter) Hussein Thaufeeq, widely considered to be one of the best Quran readers in the Maldives, has been arrested on multiple charges of child sex abuse.

Thaufeeq hosts a daily Quran teaching programme on Television Maldives (TVM) for school children every evening after Isha prayers. He also leads Friday prayers and conducts sermons.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed Thaufeeq was in police custody after being arrested in connection with “many” child sex offences against girls, “some cases going back a long time.”

‘’The case is under investigation and further information cannot be provided at this stage,’’ said Shiyam.

Police arrested Thaufeeq last week and presented him to the Criminal Court requesting for an extension of his detention. The Court granted an extension of custody to 15 days.

State Islamic Minister Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed declined to comment on the issue, “as the case is still under investigation.’’

President of the Adhaalath Party Sheikh Hussein Rasheed said that the party was “very concerned” over the issue, “not because a certain person may have done it, but because lately these sorts of crimes are increasing in number day by day,’’ Hussein said.

‘’I would not like to say anything regarding this [specific] case, because it hasn’t been decreed by a court of law and until then it is just an accusation.”


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  1. These perverts who give the religion a bad name should be given harsher punishments.

  2. i am stunned that the State minister for Islamic affairs refused to comment on the case. Like he always waits for cases under investigations to be over before he comments on the case... and it is not like it is wrong to comment on an on going case.
    And esp since the case is about child abuse...and the issue is such a huge issue in Raajje...the State Minister for Islamic Affairs shud have been more forth coming.

    I hope the victims r given a degree of peace by justice being served...instead of the usual that happens when such cases r taken to courts...

  3. “very concerned” over the issue, “not because a certain person may have done it, but because lately these sorts of crimes are increasing in number day by day,’’


    he seems very concerned about it and worries that these kind of crimes are increasing...

    the man had not been convicted of any crime yet...what do you want him to comment on? the accusations? someone told me jenny has been molesting small children for five years now...should i convict you as a child molester and spread the news?

    but i also believe that islamic ministry as the moral and spiritual guide of most of the nation should be doing a hell lot more about the increase of vile crimes such as child molestation, murder, rape etc. but they can't pick out individual cases that are still under investigation and state opinions about it to the public...

  4. these things are easy to avoid when harsh punishment are given. that would put a fear and hopefully decrease these disturbing incidents..

    this is not the first time these cases are surfaced, why cant for once give a harsher punishment.

    Islam calls for these punishments..

  5. In a way this isn't a surprise with the track record of this nation.

    "If there's a noise there should have been a crack somewhere"... I just wonder for how long have these people gone "wild" under the guise of Deen. Why is that “some cases going back a long time.”?

    This only reminds me of what Mrs.Valezinee and Sheikh Suyab was warning some weeks back.

    There was a tradition of "we here, but here not, we see, but we see not, and we know, but we know not to the filthy actions and evils of this society".

    And that brings to one conclusion: People's rights neglected,Deen being manipulated for petty and huge gains/evils of few elites and their cronies of this society. That has gone unchallenged for a very long period in this Country.

    Insha Allah, Change is here and so does the justice, peace and security with it will come.

    Allah Knows Best
    May Allah protect our young ones from such crimes and guide our nation out of darkness that we have been in for so long.

  6. @aharen on Sun, 22nd Aug 2010 8:52 PM

    Totally agreed, but the problem is the so called "Modernization of Laws" will block such punishments under the guise of Human Rights. Well, I wan't to ask what about the rights of the victims, and what about the physiological trauma of them and their families. What about the "terror" in the hearts and minds of the innocent parents out of which they can't just trust any person to deal with their kids education be it Islamic/ or non-Islamic.

    In the conquest for progress and development we have torn apart our core principles of being good humans (Good Muslims, Believing and Obedient Muslims). Yet today we will sit and wonder why everything is going so wrong in our society?

    The whole nation is shrouded with glitters of progress yet beneath it we can smell rotting almost everywhere.

    This is a huge problem. AND I would also say "Capital Punishment" should be for such evil acts.

    Allah Knows Best.

  7. there is no punishment stated in the islamic law for child molestation as it wasnt present in the time of Prophet (saw). this person has ruined many innocent lives and he had used religion as a dusguise. this type of crimes deserve harsh punishments. with his act he he has brought a bad image to all muslims.

  8. Is there anything good in this country?

    @ bismuth.

    I think that by progress most of us feel that its material progress. Thats what we have been promised by our politicians and most of us are trapped. And like birds we have flown to this bait while compromosing our social welfare.

  9. @ what a joke... the article says the State Minister for Islamic affairs declined to comment, as the case is on going... It is Adhalath Party president that has expressed concern, as per the article.

    I am confident in saying that the police didnt arrest a well renowned Qari on gossip. And in most nations priding itself on delivering justice, even when a person is "accused" of child abuse, and a case is logged, he/she loses his/her job.

    Also statistic shows that most child abusers in Raajje go scott-free. It doesnt mean that the charged r innocent in the eyes of some of us.

    Thaufeeg IS on the list of pedophiles, for those watching to protect their & others children, whether or not he is ever sentenced. Like many others who have been investigated for pedophilia, and their cases are still pending.

  10. I lol'd.

    Have we really been letting this guy on national TV for years on end?. Did he think that by reciting the quran, he would be absolved of his sins?.

    And last but not least, I lol'd at the people who moved quickly to defend the pedo.

    If defending criminals was an Olympic sport, Maldives would snag all the medals. 100% islamic country indeed.

  11. My O' My! This is just disgusting news.

    @aharen, who said wisely thus; "Islam calls for these punishments.."

    Where does it call for punishment against child abuse?

    @bismuth, to whom it occurred that "In a way this isn’t a surprise with the track record of this nation."

    Well, I agree. But what you really should be surprised at is that with such colourful track record of sexual abuse of children by Quran teachers, parents and guardians still put trust and faith in the hands of men who they understandably think are doing God's good work. The same applies to priests. (Now don't bother breaking into a sweat about Islam not having a system of clergy/church blah blah. Yawn.)

    But what does not surprise me is that this "Deen", or for that matter any other Deen, does not expressly provide protection for children. Surely this does not bother you and you will have your sensational reasons with Dajjals and Shaitans swooping in to the Gaaree while he recited Quran to a bunch of children. But of course, it's all God's will but, hey, we can conveniently ignore that.

    @bismuth, to whom it was also revealed thus; "And that brings to one conclusion: People’s rights neglected,Deen being manipulated for petty and huge gains/evils of few elites and their cronies of this society. That has gone unchallenged for a very long period in this Country."

    For a very long period in this country? Don't isolate this to a period of time in THIS country. Sir, this has been going on ever since the arrival of religion. If anything religion is designed such that "few elites and their cronies" gain from its manipulation.

    @Bismuth, who said; "In the conquest for progress and development we have torn apart our core principles of being good humans (Good Muslims, Believing and Obedient Muslims)."

    Did you really have to include that bit in the braces? Good people are good regardless of their religion. Would you say, for instance, that billionaire Gates who along with his wife run the largest charity in the world is NOT a good human because he is not a Muslim?

    Some of Bismuth's and others' sensational quotes for your entertainment follow:

    "The whole nation is shrouded with glitters of progress..."

    "And like birds we have flown to this bait while compromising our social welfare."

    What are you guys reading? Mills and Boon?

  12. @ AL
    What you want is the way it will be happening. In the day of resuruction the people who teach good deed but dont follow will be given heavier punishment.
    I just hope no other scholars end up like him. He seemed like a great person

  13. I missed this joker, who said, "there is no punishment stated in the islamic law for child molestation as it wasnt present in the time of Prophet (saw)."

    So convenient, isn't it? I wonder if the Quran teacher had the same line of thinking.

    O Bismuth, what shall ye sayeth 'bout this sticky claim?

  14. @joker and some others ..
    First we have to admit this is only tip of iceburg….. This happens more commonly than one want to believe…. In this community where people were suppressed by an autocratic ruler for the past 30 years ..I don't think it has nothing to do with Islam but ignorance embedded in our culture…This problem lies the world over, even in religious spehers like in Christian priests and islamic clerics. No Religion or communal world is to be blamed about it….. Even the western parents can show similar attitudes as in a eastern community… and here we are in a third world country ..
    Anyway, if any one doubts about the pravelence of this issue, he/she read reports about child sexual abouse, child prostitution in very poor countries on the internet. The figuers are huge and undeniable…

    We as Muslims must practice what we believe "Allah is ever watching and all knowing"….
    Parents must engage children at all levels and not trust them with any non mahram irrespective of their age and status…. Statistics show that most girls & women are molested & raped by people they know…parents show more negilgent behaviour when they make utterly wrong assumption about the purity of other people specially the near ones..
    I believe that Islam would support a very severe punishment on such molesters since this is extremely a forbidden act…… and it is time that Muslim girls and women get brave enough to take action and stop these shameful and forbidden acts by anyone….. . Islam does not protect molesters or any other criminals….. In contrast, Islam prohibits all expression of sexuality outside marriage.. Therefore rape of anyone of any age, nationality, or religion by anyone of any age, nationality, or religion, is considered to be one of the most serious crimes, punishable, most often, by the death of the rapist…. Child molestation is treated in the same way… The assaulted woman or the girl, however, would not be considered a sinner, since she was overwhelmed and could not be blamed for it. The Quranic rule applies: "If one is forced, without wilful disobedience nor transgressing due limits, then he is guiltless, For God is Oft-Forgiving Most-Merciful. ' , (2:173)
    Our Religion does not support suppression of truth, and bear existence of evil. …But we need to come out of ignorance….. This can only happen if we seek to find the truth with an unprejudiced heart and questioning mind. No one should use Islam as a shield to do horrific acts and harm others. Our religion is great if we really understand it and respect it! ….

  15. Extremely glad that the systems in place now are catching these guys and ensuring that they are held in custody pending investigation. Hope that a proper investigation will be undertaken and if the person is found guilty, that he receives a strong sentence that is fully enforced. In any case, this man must be put on a watch list.

  16. I was expecting this article yesterday morning.
    Iam surprised that the jackals smelled the carcass this late.

  17. Whoever it is the fact is these crimes happens in the society and it is the gov and society responsibility to stop it. These are our children we are talking about and if they are not protected and justice is not served then our future will be dark and bleak, (even now it is). Gov should be more responsible in this and should not take sides of those ppl who may be doing this crime, we should be suspicious of such cases whether guilty or innocent. Therefore it is parents responsibility too to protect their children and be aware of any such cases.

  18. The headlines should have read "Child molester arrested for reciting Quran". But alas!

  19. Dear Editor,

    "Reknown" or "renown"?

    Renown. Good spot! -Minivan News team

  20. Bill gates stuffed his e-money in a charity front simply to evade taxation. Many other reasons as well. Same goes for the rest of the club which recently did the same. so there's your ignorance right there.

    secondly the practice of pedophilia is widely founded and condoned not in the third world, but in the west where it is referred commonly as child-molestation. Violent crimes that protest amidst ignorance is not the same as crimes against humanity that is established as in-vogue or cult-centered, esp so within nuclear families in the west. The vast dominion of the internet stands testament to the depravity of western political correctness which displays free pedophilia alongside condemnation of eastern fallacies.
    Pedophilia is prevalent to the highest consideration in a west that matters. It is not a practice but a past-time of the secretive elite for whom pedo-ism is the most taboo of sinful pleasures, far removed from the white papers on international law or treaties on human 'values' (god forbid the term) that they themselves write.
    Incest & childhood is the very emblem of western familial habits. Violent crimes are the jagged edges of western chaos we never would have seen, save perhaps for the movies they themselves make. watch 'running scared'- for where statistics eludes morality, perception and behavior stands clear on who the more pedophile.

    A christian dynamo has not the right to confront Islamic pedophilia except through non-violent albeit mutual molestation, if you catch my drift. Moslems do not seek sanction from Islam when they abuse children, nor does non-moslems. Christianity is amoral because it had absolved itself of all sins and declared the human vessel is by definition in a state of perpetual sin, thus they are renowned for child abuse. So theirs one voice of eastern statistics. You may not see or hear any statistics on western households that regard child-molestation because no easterners go to the west for taking such readings, it is however quite clear where it is in fact rooted to this point in time as taboo and therefore desirable.
    Sinful pleasures has not the time for an Islam which was not kool enough to give pedo its rightful place.

    Perhaps soon it would become clear why we are so ignorant, why we choose to remain ignorant, why we chose to label and defer the same label on ourselves, why we constantly choose to single out for bias one particular codifice, often simply because we did not wish to praise a god as often or conceal as much thus searching and finding excuse or cause, And why the west has been so successful in their campaigns against that very- when all hope is surgically excised.

    It is mischief that successfully clothes western amorality, while torturing others on non-human contexts. IN point of fact it is the westerner who turns a blind eye to all evil within their societies while fencing utter revulsion at the mention of burqas or 'values' or godliness. You will not find them finding fault within themselves precisely because they are wicked to the core. They find fault only in us, if not remove all pedo, incestuous, pornographic sites and forums from the net. Lip-service is to goodness, while true satiety comes from having the freedom to do whatever and be whatever.

    Alas, we may only moan in the face of western might. For where is this doom for the deceivers and mischief that an Islam promises.

    What is important is the intent we conceal when we choose to even think, let alone right. In order to show the malice and mischief that the western hand & tongue(which it must then collectively take responsibility for) have come to be, would take an act of God.

    Rabid dogs in fight-or-flight mode would then be given no qualms.

    The dollar-Pound-Euro that they have reserved the right to, ensures no less power over the dispossessed classes of human society, which they classify, categorize and label as they very well please. Truth had nothing to do with it.

    'ilaahi mibin kurravaashi amaan'

    Hope known as April. & dont make me laugh

  21. It's just Jaariyaa's guys... So why should the MInistry comment

  22. I am sure that their will be enough lawyers to prove this case otherwise and this guy may appear on TV in a different disguise!


  23. @AVatar on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 1:49 AM

    Says:I missed this joker, who said, “there is no punishment stated in the islamic law for child molestation as it wasnt present in the time of Prophet (saw).”
    So convenient, isn’t it? I wonder if the Quran teacher had the same line of thinking."

    You are a bigger and fluffier Joker! Mulla Avatar..

    He just mentioned an historical fact such crimes were almost not heard of (AND that is historicity correct), but the Sharia Law is clear even then [1400 yrs back] and today [ Yr 2010] according to the degree of the crime (of child molestation) different level punishments ..In fact Sharia allows " Capital Punishment" for these sorts of Evils. AND That is what I have chosen for this Evilness as well ;)..

    And Mulla AVatar, I Know what you are getting to. Ok, let's assume that you got it right somehow through your perspectives ... well just answer my question and come back with your ..I should say "ranting" 😉

    Says:"O Bismuth, what shall ye sayeth ’bout this sticky claim?"

    Here's what I say! You are "clueless" ... this is Year 2010, AND that was 1400 Yrs back. THAT is - 1400 Year , did you at least get that part.

    Now please answer my Question.

    What do you "call" your grandpa (who was 25 yrs) who got married to your grandma (who was 12 Yrs) [during the year 1935] and today's result is "you"?

    Mulla AVatar,You can Laugh out loud and dance and twist, and ROCK your brains out: BUT No worries whatsoever.

    Again I'm telling you…: I’d say to you is your way of life, to us is our way of life..

    Allah Knows Best
    May Allah forgive us for the mistakes and guide us to the Truth.

  24. The Adhaalath are quite the skeptics when the investigation concerns one of their own. It's uncharacteristic of them.

  25. may b he was doin "god's" work through both his actions; reciting quran and molesting children. who is to blam him? afterall 'who the muslims follow' had his mind, heart and other parts set on a 9 year old. if u al can justify and defend that, why not this guy?

  26. We live on a flat earth and there's no child abuse. Allah knows best. Enough said.

  27. We need to take a step back and think about reality n stop dreaming.
    1: pedophilia is a crime, regardless of religion.
    2: facts show religious clerics (though public trusts them, which I think is a huge mistake) do have a propensity for these vile acts.
    3: religions have been used n abused over n over again, by everybody, for their own convoluted gains. I'm not sure if god himself would be able to identify his intended message from the chaos of the world it is.
    4: reciting quran in Arabic, with nice twists to your tongue n throat, would do absolutely no good, unless you understand the meaning. Sadly it's a very few number in Maldives.

  28. @s on Thu, 26th Aug 2010 2:55 AM
    Says:"may b he was doin “god’s” work through both his actions; reciting quran and molesting children. who is to blam him? afterall ‘who the muslims follow’ had his mind, heart and other parts set on a 9 year old. if u al can justify and defend that, why not this guy?"

    You must have being dropped onto this earth from planet Mars on 26th August 2010. right? Common.. you think your deceptions will work like that? Now read to understand why you are such a deceiver.

    What is your point? Why don't you first understand the meanings pedophilia, child molesting, marriage, and the fact that old and new cultures differ and laws changes through the passage of time.

    This insult that you are targeting is nothing but "empty talking points promoted by satanists for defaming a pure character for something he never did" AND taken out from a historical fact that is known to everyone and not a secret.

    He wasn't a pedophile AND never molested a child: Why? Lets see why... A girl ends to be a child from the stage of her puberty ,biologically (Today's statistics even tells in girls, puberty may start as early as 6 or 7 years of age, but it usually starts around 11 years of age.), JUST imagine at that time of age 1400 Years back when the lifespan of an average women would be around 40 or less.

    Even today we find some girls developing into being more like a women even at very young age. And sometimes with the physical appearance you may find it hard to believe that they are as young as 10-12 years. This is Today at this age. AND it is a known fact Arabs are well built physically even today.

    What are the meanings of the words used for these insults?
    1.Child molestation: is a crime involving a range of indecent or sexual activities between an adult and a child(today a child is define by Law: some countries under 14, In other it may vary from 16-18 - A girl biologically ends)
    2.Puberty:is the process of physical changes by which a child's body becomes an adult body capable of reproduction.
    3.Marriage:is a social union or legal contract between people that creates kinship. It is an institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually intimate and sexual, are acknowledged in a variety of ways, depending on the culture or subculture in which it is found. Such a union, often formalized via a wedding ceremony, may also be called matrimony.
    4.Pedophilia (or paedophilia):is a mental disorder in adults or late adolescents (persons age 16 and older) characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children.

    AND that makes the case perfectly clear: It is a historical and know event from his life (NOT a Secret); AND there's no way you can relate this CASE of Child Molestation with something that happened 1400 Years back. IF the "Good Old Qari" and you are under that impression, you both deserve same consequences.

    AND there was a logical reason for his marriage to such a young women. (Any truthful and honest person can refer to his biography and history of this incident and get the logic behind it.)

    Now let me wake you up to your so called 21st Century. The world you see today and the physical features of people and living standards are a "zillion times" different even if you compare it to 100-200 years back. How would you expect to understand some incidents of 1400 years back from today's perspectives.

    That's like attempting to take an incident where you peed on your bed as a child and trying to make a judgement for that from today's point of view.

    Ok, a simple question for you? AND btw this is a general one not only targeting you.

    Now please answer my Question.

    What do you “call” your grandpa (who was 25 yrs) who got married to your grandma (who was 12 Yrs) [during the year 1935] and today’s result is “you”?

    You guys can try and utter anything you wish and sky is the limit for you and your ilk.( You are spreading nothing but deceptions out of freewill and ability to make choices willed for all humans by the Almighty Creator, GOD Almighty)

    Allah Knows Best
    May Allah save us all from such deceptions and falsehood. May Allah guide us to the Truth

  29. Correction to line 27 of my previous comment:
    ..In other it may vary from 16-18 – A girl biologically ends being a child from puberty. So does it is same for a boy.

    AND I would like to ADD: Illicit sex is forbidden in the Deen of ISLAM.

  30. If any gangsters are still out there, these are the kind of people you can cut off their balls and fingers. They deserve the harshest punishment ever.

    I am willing to pay anything!

  31. Shame on you religious scholars who have used religion for own personal gains and protected the sinners. There is no difference between you and the catholic priests who we see daily on news for their repeated sexual abuses.

    Maldives is yet to be discovered as a heaven for pedophiles who still roam around freely. Ironically, we have the guts to talk of drugs and alcohol..why not sex and sex abuse?????

  32. i am 27 years old and i am a victim of this person. he calls himself Al-Qaari Hussein Thoufeeq Abdul Rahmaan. coming from a family of Qaaris, he is just one of the many pedo's amongst his own kin.

    i was only 12 years old when he first tried to molest me. but my younger sister was only 7 years old when he took her to his room, locked the door and played a porn on his TV. he threatened her till she pissed in her pants.

    he has two daughters, and one son. three of them are intelligent and brilliants students who excel in their studies. his wife, like a lot other wives of pedos gives a deaf ear or all this. does not deny the rumours. her own nieces were molested by this filthy Qaari. her servants were abused. and who knows whether he hasnt molested his own daughters??

    wanna know what his wife says about his pathetic situation? she says that he is a mentall disturbed person and everyone should help him come out of it. yeah right! mentally disturbed my foot! no man stands inside a mosque and prays as an imaam if he is mentally disturbed. she might have said that coz her husband's wife's brother is married to the known Psychologist Aishath Ali Naaz! what does she have to say about this?

    this guy needs serious punishment. he has been into this for more than 27 years. maybe even more than the years maumoon ruled maldives!

    pedo's exist because there is no harsh punishment for them. if it states in the law that drug abuse is crime, so is sexual abuse/molest/harassment! if drug abuse is haraam in the religion, so is what this guy did to me! my parents couldnt do anything other than to threaten this guy, because the government at that time was on the pedo's side. how long should i wait till i get justice?? till i can breathe normally? how long shall other victims wait till they can start functioning normally (if that's possible)?

    we dont need psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and doctors talking to us about the bitter experiences we had. we want justice! we want our voice to be heard!

  33. I was sexually molested when I was a child, but what can I do? I plan to burn that person, and video type the whole thing and put it online....perhaps no other person would do it again...I was 5, 6 or 7 years old, I can't sleep at I slowly have lost trust in Allah, because if there is such thing as Allah, why couldn't he protect me? I thought he was the most protective of all? Also, once in the Masjid, since I was a cute boy, but then I was a little older, and this Imam, was trying to touch me, or put be on his lap....but I soon got out of his grip and never return to the Masjid......Where was Allah, when I was a child, and I couldn't look after myself? Seriously, I don't pray no more to this Allah...

  34. @A Muslim

    This brought tears to my eyes. What you said.

    The world needs to know the painful truth.

  35. Well this is quite same as happened with the sisters in Christianity by pauls. and now same thing is happening to innocent girls by these devil maulana


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