Man charged with “sexual misdemeanour” for alleged rape of Thai woman

A man accused of raping a Thai beauty salon staff member at knife point has been charged with a ‘sexual misdemeanour’, reports local media.

Mohamed Shamaan Ibrahim Khalid was charged with causing bodily harm to an individual, sexual misdemeanour, and mugging.

Khalid allegedly raped a Thai employee from Asparagus Beauty Care after threatening her at knifepoint in June 2012.

A man present at the salon was also allegedly threatened at knifepoint and ordered to surrender his phone and wallet.

Khalid then stabbed the victim in the leg when he refused to obey, according to local media.

Khalid is also accused of taking two cell phones, a laptop, MVR 5000 (US$324.25) and US$200.

Criminal Court Media Official Ahmed Mohamed Manik told local media that Khalid has denied all charges and the court granted his request for a lawyer to be appointed.