12 dismissed for participating in anti-government rally

State-owned companies and the government have dismissed a dozen employees for participating in the May Day anti-government demonstration.

The opposition ‘Maldivians against tyranny’ alliance revealed today that the utility company Fenaka Corporation has fired six employees and the aviation command has fired four employees. The State Electricity Company has also sacked some employees.

Approximately 20,000 protesters took to the streets of the capital on May 1 in the largest anti-government rally in over a decade.

Adhaalath Party council member Shidhatha Shareef told the press that the opposition alliance has launched a hotline (9111388) to assist unfairly dismissed staff.

Former State Trading Organisation managing director Adam Azim said the constitution guarantees freedom of expression and the right to participate in political activities and called on independent institutions to fulfil their responsibilities.

Main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party council member Hussain Amr said the opposition parties will arrange employment for the sacked staff.

The dismissals follow ruling party MP Ahmed Nihan urging the government to track down civil servants and employees of state-owned companies who had participated in the protest and dismiss them immediately.


Public Accounts Committee considers conducting “special audit” of state companies

Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee is to deliberate on conducting “special audits” of all state share-owned public companies. The committee has scheduled debates on the matter for Sunday.

According to the Committee’s Chair Abdulla Jabir, the objectives are to have all state companies operating under the same umbrella group and to find means of liquidating companies that fail to make profit.

“We proposed the audit to bring down costs and strengthen the management of public companies. Members of the committee believe that the audit should study company performances in the past five years,” Jabir is quoted as saying in local media.

“We will be looking into whether there is a feasible way of conducting a “special audit” of such companies. Today, state companies need to be restructured and rebranded. We want to liquidate all companies that do not make any profit, and to place all other companies under a holding company that will then be established,” he continued.

Public Accounts Committee has further decided to summon Auditor General Niyaz Ibrahim and Attorney General Mohamed Anil to Sunday’s meeting.