Police recover Rf28,500, US$201 stolen from a house in Addu

Police have recovered Rf28,500 (US$1900) and US$201 in cash stolen from a house in the Hulhumeedhoo ward of Addu City, and arrested two men and a 16 year-old boy in connection with the case.

According to police, the cash was reported stolen from Evening Villa in Hulhumeedhoo. Hulhumeedhoo Police Station conducted a special operation to find the money and the suspects.

Police said the two men aged 38, 18 and 16 years old were arrested and questioned about the incident. The money was discovered yesterday evening, hidden inside the toilet of a house called Hikiunimaage in Addu.

The 16 year-old boy has a previous criminal record for theft, for which he was convicted and served his sentence at Feydhufinolhu before he was handed over to his parents in May this year, police said.

The other two men also have previous criminal records of assault and theft.

Police statistics show that so far 156 cases of theft have been logged with  the police in the month of June, while 13 cases of robbery, 36 cases of assault, 37 cases related to drugs, 55 cases of traffic violation, 14 cases of sexual offences, three cases of domestic violence, two cases of counterfeit and forgery, 26 cases of vandalism have been reported to police in this month.