Visiting specialist doctors to improve healthcare services

The government is enlisting the services of visiting specialist doctors to improve healthcare services in the Maldives.

The ‘Super Specialist Service’ will employ neurologists, cardiologists, urologists, neurosurgeons, ENT doctos and pediatricians to provide consultations in different parts of the country.

The CEO of the national social protection agency, Mujthaba Jaleel, said twenty two foreign hospitals registered with the government’s health insurance scheme, Aasandha, have applied to send specialist doctors to the Maldives.

The visiting doctors will improve healthcare for people suffering from serious conditions, he said.

“Teams of Super Specialists have arrived today morning and have started work at the blood services unit and the Thalasseimia center. Some will start work at hospitals in the north and south tomorrow,” Mujthaba said.

President Abdulla Yameen inaugurated the Super Specialist service on Wednesday and handed over agreement copies to the overseas hospitals contributing to the super specialist program.