President sends delegation to Thinadhoo

A high-level delegation from President Mohamed Nasheed departed for Gaaf Dhaal Thinadhoo yesterday to discuss ongoing and planned development projects with the people of the island.

According to the President’s Office, the delegation will discuss the Thinadhoo Development Corporation due to formed soon as well as land use plans for the island.

The President’s delegation will also discuss the name change proposed by the island council and provide historical information about the issue available from government archive.

The delegation includes Home Minister Hassan Afeef, Housing Minister Mohamed Aslam, Finance Minister Ahmed Inaz, Thinadhoo MP Mohamed Gasam, Madaveli MP Mohamed Nazim, Henveiru South MP Hamid Abdul Gafoor, Human Rights Ambassador Mohamed ‘GoGo’ Latheef, Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair, Secretary of the Executive Services Office Mohamed Ziyad and Adnan Haleem, member of the Public Enterprises Monitoring and Evaluation Board.