Austrian trial bike champion lands in Malé

Trial bike world champion Tom Oehler began his tour of the Maldives today (December 20), displaying his skills to the people of Malé.

The 31-year-old Austrian – who has broken world records for the high jump on a bike (3 meters) and another for the 400m hurdles on a bike – can now add jumping over seven Maldivians to his list of achievements.

After becoming Austria’s trial bike champion at age 17, Tom went on to win the Indoor European Championship in 2006 before becoming a world champion two years later.

“Trials riding is a very natural form of biking because no matter where you ride, trials skills are very practical. Imagine you ride your bike in the city and you’re about to hit a sidewalk-curb, just bunny hop,” said Tom.

“When local riders see what kind of riding is possible on two wheels, they will be inspired to try some of that in their regular riding.”

Tom will perform further demo shows in Villingili, Hulhumalé, and again in Malé on December 25 and 26. Prior to this, he will travel to Addu City, performing shows in Hithadhoo, Hulhumeedhoo, and Feydhoo, before visiting Fuvahmulah.

Demo Shows

December 20

  • Male –Social Center (Maafannu) Junction / 4:30 PM

December 21

  • Addu–Hithadhoo  4:30 PM

December 22

  • Addu–Hulhumeedhoo  2:00 PM
  • Addu–Feydhoo 4:30 PM

December 23

  • Fuvahmulah (Harbor) 4:30 PM

December 25

  • Villigili 11:30 AM
  • Hulhumale’ (Ferry terminal) 4:00 PM
  • Hulhumale’ (No1 bus stop) 5:00 PM

December 26

  • Male’ (Raalhugandu) 9:00 PM