Tourist police stationed at areas frequented by tourists in Malé

The Maldives Police Services (MPS) have stationed tourist police officers at areas frequented by the tourists in Malé.

“Numerous police officers are stationed in different areas of Malé for when the tourists disembark in Malé,” read a police statement today. “As the republic square and artificial beach are frequently visited by tourists, police presence will be more prominent in these areas.”

The police said they would take extra measures to protect tourists from a passenger liner currently docked in the Malé harbor.

Earlier this month, Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon met with Chinese Ambassador Wang Fukang in order to discuss the safety and security of Chinese tourists in the Maldives.

The meeting was attended by senior officials from the Maldivian Foreign Service and the embassy of China, along with representatives from the tourism ministry, the immigration department, the police, the Maldives Customs Service, as well as relevant tourism industry groups.

In September 2014, a Chinese tourist hit by speeding motorbike on Medhuziyaarai Magu died while undergoing treatment in Sri Lanka.