Traffic policing starts in Addu

The Maldives Police Services have started traffic policing in southern Addu City in the wake of frequent and dangerous accidents on the city’s link road.

The service was inaugurated on Monday (June 9).

Chief Inspector of Police Ahmed Shifan said the Addu Traffic Police Cell has employed experienced police officers who have already received training in the Malé Traffic Police Department.

In May, members of Afghanistan’s national football team were injured in an accident on the link road.


Court extends detention of man accused of killing traffic police officer

Police have confirmed that a motorcyclist who collided with and killed a police constable in the earlier hours of Friday morning is being treated in Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

A police spokesperson told Minivan News that 27 year-old Hassan Afeef suffered injuries in the collision, but would not give details.

‘’Although he is in hospital, he is under police charge. The court has granted a 15 day extension of his pre-trial detention,” the spokesperson said.

The passenger on the motorcycle was also arrested, but was released by the Criminal Court when police sought to extend his detention.

IGMH’s spokesperson Zeenath Ali declined to provide information of the injuries Afeef had received, with local media claiming he had requested the hospital withhold information about his condition.

Previously media reports stated that Afeef was taken into custody and then to IGMH.

In a statement issued yesterday, police alleged Afeef had a previous record of assaulting and intentionally crashing into traffic police officers, and had previously been arrested.

Twenty-two year-old Constable Misbah Abdulla was killed while manning a checkpoint near the President’s jetty in Male’, after the speeding motorcycle collided with him.

According to police, the collision threw the officer 80 feet from the checkpoint. He was taken to ADK hospital but later died of his injuries.


Police appeal for witnesses to ambulance accident

The traffic police have requested those who witnessed an accident in which an ambulance collided with a 25 year-old man at the intersection of Orchid Magu and Chandaanee Magu over the weekend to come forward.

According to police, the ambulance was driving with its siren sounding en route to an emergency pickup.

The man sustained injuries to his head, face and arms in the collision and was taken to Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Police said the most accurate witnesses would be persons on vehicles waiting at the intersection of Orchid Magu and Chandanee Magu.

Police requested all persons who had information on the case to contact the police duty officer on 988 8999, or traffic police number 333 3835 or the police toll-free number 119.


Police give information sessions at schools in Malé

The Community Engagement and Crime Prevention Department alongside the Traffic Police offered information sessions about crime prevention for teachers and students of several schools, reports Miadhu.

On 27-28 April, students from grades 1-5 of Ghiyaasuddin School were given information on traffic rules and regulations. Police officers showcased the resources used by Traffic Police to students from grades 1-3.

On 25, 27 and 29 April, police held another session at Jamaaluddin School for grade 7 students. They focused on traffic regulations, school behaviour like bullying, and criminal and unethical behaviour on the internet.

Another information session on bullying was held today with teachers at Aminiya School. They were informed about the effects of bullying on children, and how to handle incidents.


Motorcycle accident on Boduthakurufaanu Magu

Two motorcyclists were involved in an accident last night on Boduthakurufaanu Magu.

According to police, the accident occured near the track stadium at 9.15 pm.

One of the victims, 20, had a fractured leg and the other, 23, had minor injuries. Both are now being treated at Indria Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), and police are investigating the case.