Convict arrested for robbery

A man brought before the court for allegedly stealing a wallet had previously been sentenced to 12 years imprisonment in 2006 for possession of illegal drugs.

Court records show that Adam Firdous Ushman, G. Dhonbageechage, had first been sentenced to six months banishment in 2001 for robbery and again in 2005 to six years in jail for possession and use of illegal drugs.

“Convicts sentenced to jail being brought before the Criminal Court for committing various offences during the period when they are supposed to be serving the sentence is increasing day by day,” said the court.


Convict sentenced to life imprisonment arrested in Male’

A man sentenced to life imprisonment in 1998 for drug trafficking and convicted for a second time to 12 years in jail for drug possession and abuse in 2009 was arrested again in February 2011, according to the Criminal Court.

Abdulla Rashad, M. Badhuru, was taken into custody on February 12 when police officers suspected from the way he was walking that he was under the influence and discovered drugs in his fist.

“The court order summoning Abdulla Rashad on charges pressed by the state was accepted at his residence. We note that he continues to attend court without any escort from the authorities,” reads the Criminal Court statement.


Police arrest three suspects in burglary case

Police arrested three men Thursday on suspicion of stealing a safe with over Rf800,000 (US$62,250) in cash and jewellery from a house in Maafanu ward of Male’.

Haveeru reports that the third suspect, Ahmed Muaz, municipality register number 8499, was found Thursday night hiding in his girlfriend’s bathroom.

A police media official said that officers at the scene broke the bathroom door after Muaz refused to come out.

Muaz was arrested in connection with the burglary of a safe containing US$38,000 and Rf30,000 (US$2,330) in cash along with expensive watches and jewellery. The safe was stolen from the third floor of a Maafanu residence.

Jaufar Mohamed, 29, M. Medhuriya, and Ahmed Riyaz, 29, M. Hasthy, were meanwhile taken into custody before police issued a public search notice for Muaz.

Police revealed that one of the suspects, Jaufar Mohamed, had previously been sentenced to jail and that efforts were underway to determine how or why he was released.

Meanwhile the Criminal Court revealed that a man brought before the court yesterday for assaulting a shop owner after threatening to kill him had previously been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Court records showed that Ismail Waheed, G. Sundance, had been convicted for possession of 25 packets of drugs.

The court ordered police to keep the repeat offender in custody for 15 days and to hand him over to the penitentiary department within that period.