Decade of red ends for Imran

After nine long years spent being the custodian in goal for club Victory, keeper Imran Mohamed has signed on with the VB Sports Club.

There were many reasons for his decision but Imran told Haveeru he did not wish to discuss them.

“I signed a one year deal with VB, and after nine years at the club you don’t just change, there has to be a reason,” he hinted.

Starting his career at Club Eagles, Imran joined Victory in 2001. Over the last nine years Imran has won many trophies with Victory, including this year’s FA cup.

Imrans new club VB Sports will compete in next years AFC cup, which is almost the equivalent of Europe’s Europa cup. Imran and his new team will begin training tomorrow.

According to Haveeru, CEO of VB Sports Gahuthaan Haleem said that there are four other players to be signed in the forthcoming week.