Civil court rules against Yacht Tours over West Park dispute

The Civil Court has issued a sentence stating that the Malé City Council is not liable to pay damages to Yacht Tours Pvt Ltd after the company filed a case accusing the council of breaching the terms of the West Park Cafeteria lease.

The sentence issued today (January 13) said that “as it was not proved to the court that the city council had breached the agreement between the council and Yacht Tours, the court does not find the council liable of any damages to Yacht Tours.”

Yacht Tours – owned by former Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir – filed the case after the city council leased out West Park to former professional tennis player Amir Mansoor in September 2012.

Jabir accused the council of breaching a contract made in 2005, when the city council was known as the Malé Municipality.

The company had accused the council of breaching Article 11 of the contact which stated that the company should be granted the opportunity to extend the contract before it expires, while requesting the court to issue a temporary order prohibiting it from handing West Park to another party.

However, the court sentence today stated that the company was unable to prove it had formally requested an extension to the contract six months prior to the termination as required under Article 11 of the contract.

The Civil Court had previously thrown out the case after the then Yacht Tours Lawyer Mohamed Anil refused to accept a chit handed to him by the court, in which the council accused the company of trying to drag out court proceedings in order to garner profit from the café.

Speaking at the court the second time the case the was filed, former Attorney General Diyana Saeed – also Jabir’s wife – represented Yacht Tours, saying that Anil had refused to accept the chit without consulting the company.