Civil Court rules in favour of Male’ City Council in vendor cart dispute

The Civil Court yesterday (January 12) ruled in favour of the Malé City Council in a dispute involving hiking the lease for vendor carts in mid-2013 from MVR200 to MVR5,000 a month.

A cart owner, Yousuf Moosa of special registry number 1867, had asked the court to declare that the city council could not raise the rent or force venders to use a special kind of cart.

The council brought in new carts in June 2013. However, the Civil Court issued an injunction preventing the replacement of the old carts pending a ruling on Yousuf’s case.

In his judgment (Dhivehi), Chief Judge Ali Rasheed Hussain noted that the original lease agreement with Yousuf elapsed in August 2009, after which a rent of MVR200 had been mutually agreed upon between the parties.

As the plaintiff could lease the new cart under an agreement with the city council, the judge ruled that there were no legal grounds to declare that the council could not require a certain type of cart to be used or raise the rent to MVR5,000.