Man stabbed to death in Thulusdhoo

A 35-year-old man has been stabbed to death on Kaafu Atoll Thulusdhoo Island.

Local media has identified the man as Ali Shiham of Thaa Atoll Kimbidhoo Island. The father of two is married to a Thulusdhoo woman.

According to the Island Council President Ahmed Anees the attack occurred tonight at 7:00 pm near Shiham’s house. He died from his wounds at the Thulusdhoo health center.

One man has been arrested in connection with the murder, the Maldives Police Services have said. The man handed himself in voluntarily and confessed to the murder.

The police have declined to reveal further details.

Vnews have identified the suspect to be a Thulusdhoo man called Niyaz. Citing sources from the island, Vnews said the suspect has a previous record of theft, assault and drug abuse.

A large crowd has gathered at the police station calling on the police to hand the suspect over. “Things are quite heated up here,” Anees said.

According to Vnews, Shiham had broken his fast was smoking a cigarette on the beach near his residence when he was attacked.

There have been 29 murders recorded in the Maldives since 2007.

On Monday, 34 tourists were evacuated from the island after a group of protestors from Malé arrived on the island to call for the expulsion of Israeli tourists after a guest destroyed an anti – Israeli sign.

The sign featured a swastika alongside the Israeli flag in protest of the war in Gaza.

Thulusdhoo – just forty minutes from Malé – is home to one of the countries’ top surf breaks, with a majority of bookings coming from Israeli surfers.

It is too early to say whether there is any connection between the protest and the stabbing, police said.

Meanwhile, five people sustained serious injuries in a spate of street violence in Malé on Monday and Tuesday.

The first incident took place near the Eid Mosque in Maafannu ward around 7:40pm. Muggers attacked a pedestrian from the back and demanded he hand over his mobile phone. The man was hit on the back of his head, police said.

Minutes later at 7:45pm, two men were attacked in Malé’s suburb Hulhumalé Island near Flat no. 60. One of the men was stabbed in the shoulder and the other was stabbed in his head, the police said.

At 8pm, two masked men on motorbikes stabbed a 23-year-old woman in the back in front of a known gang hangout at the junction of Kalhuhuraa Magu and Husnuheena Magu in Malé. The ADK Hospital in Malé said the woman had suffered serious injuries.

An 18-year-old was also stabbed in the back in Heinveiru ward of Malé at 8:40pm on Monday.


5 thoughts on “Man stabbed to death in Thulusdhoo”

  1. Is this the "period of calm and stability" that Yameen was talking about in his independence day address?

  2. If you advocate violence, you will have violent society. The only thing you hear in the Buruka village is hate speech encouraging violence. Kill such and such people, or praying for destruction, even when they are felt powerless to harm someone they just go to Allah begging him to do something in destruction Just change your curriculum to teach love. And if someone wants put sense in these people, you are a kaafir, murthadh and should be killed. Just for a while change your way of thinking, and start to love even to dogs, or Jews, give your children dogs as pets and invite Israelis as friends, hopefully this may one day make Burukaa village a civilized people without crimes.

  3. dictators need instability to stay in power. they believe if there is calm and people are living by themselves, there is no need for them. so they need chaos to thrive. this government came with violence backed by a corrupt judiciary and therefore has no moral authority to control anything. Judge Ali Hameed's case is a clear example of how morally corrupt the society has become. After having seen the porn video of Ali Hameed by majority of the people, JSC says there is no evidence according to Islamic law... youngsters who have seen this video are confused about what islam they are talking about. Similarly when they brought about a coup in front of the very eyes of these people, the hypocrites' say its not coup. So what to expect from these youngsters now!!!

  4. What we need is to see reality.

    Hate breeds hate. Good point Gundaa.

    Everyone is bowing their heads, asking for anhilation of the perpetrators of the massacres.


    Instead of what think we have as proof, check for what DON'T see.

    (1)When all that's in our hearts are known, why should we make duas for the destruction of evil?
    (2) why are the supposed kafir, still thriving, despite centuries of violence, definitely not for the sake of our God.
    (3) why are the blessed, not differentiated when tsunamis, typhoons,E quakes, famines, genocides, .....on & on...ravage lands?

    Think with your brains. If you are afraid, think just for one moment in time.

    Ask yourself why is this not happening. Why, what should be happening, is not happening.

  5. Why the need to stick the Israeli story into this article ? Are you guys amateur journalists or what ?


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