Statistics show a total of 19 drug traffickers were arrested in 2013, with 30kgs of illegal drugs

Police last night released last year’s annual statistics which showed that a total of 19 drug traffickers were arrested with 30kgs of illegal drugs.

According to the report, 30 operations were conducted to curb the drug-related crimes in the country and police seized 4,353 rubber packets containing drugs, 1,107 bullet sized packets containing drugs, 1,295 packets of hash oil, 21 joints, and 55 cans of hash oil.

20 bottles containing 300 litres of alcohol were seized during the police’s operations to curb drug related crimes.

Home Minister Umar Naseer has made clear that the fight against drugs will continue to be his number one concern, with combating of the drugs trade part of a threefold approach which will also focus on the entry of drugs into the country and the rehabilitation of users.

The police annual report stated that last year 79 guest houses, 12 safari boats, 15 restaurants, and 123 other places were searched in connection with crimes and 1,357 Maldivians, 89 foreigners, and 31 minors were arrested in connection with crimes.

In the past year police had obtained MVR10 million through fined for traffic violations – with 31,000 people fined in total.

The report also showed that police had checked 76,735 vehicles and had issued 10,694 fine for vehicles parked outside parking zones.

Last year 11,301 driving licenses were withheld for violating traffic regulations and 2,467 persons were fined for driving without a, license – 326 of these were minors.

Furthermore, the police annual report stated that 334 vehicles were brought under police custody for driving over the speed limit and 351 vehicles were towed. 1593 accidents were reported to the police last year.


5 thoughts on “Statistics show a total of 19 drug traffickers were arrested in 2013, with 30kgs of illegal drugs”

  1. Marhaba Umar.

    Keep it up and we need to close all the gates that enter drung into this country .

    We need to ensure that those drug addicts and thieves and murderers are not let live with the public .

    We need to give a deaf ear to those guys who are trying to make your life difficult in compacting these illegal activities in this country.

  2. Its not addicts thats major problem, its the dealers. Addicts are partly the victims not the perpetrators

  3. so where are the arrested drug traffickers now? is it in jail or just touring in sri lanka?

  4. Muslims will only give up drugs when hell freezes over and Maldives becomes secular!!
    There seems to be an uncanny link between Islam and drugs.....Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Iran, Syria, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia,'re all at it.
    I think its just the sheer boredom of being born Muslim.

  5. Bigger question to '1'

    Where's the drugs? I say the big gang is preying on little distributors to ensure that they alone have a monopoly on the supply.


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