Maldives police to be deployed abroad

Commissioner of Police Hussain Waheed has announced that the Maldives Police Service is working to deploy its officers to foreign countries.

“We have considered some neighbouring countries. Although we will not reveal the countries at this time, once we establish police liaison officers, you will be able to see the results,” Waheed is quoted as saying to Haveeru.

“You will hear that police have arrested some or other person who attempted to smuggle drugs into the Maldives from some country. This is the kind of happy news that I wish to hear. You will then know which countries we deploy our officers to,”

According to Waheed, one of the main objectives of the said operation is to tackle the problem of illegal drug smuggling into the country.

He stated that, while police are at present working with counterparts abroad, the actual deployment of Maldivian officers in other countries will prove to be more effective.


4 thoughts on “Maldives police to be deployed abroad”

  1. GOD DAMN IT!! go after the people in the government who you know are involved in the drug trade.

    you know the drug lord in this country, they meet up with Umaru Naseeru regarding the homosexuals and atheists. you know the drug lord that your useless courts let go. you know the drug lords you make a deal and release them when you get paid in cash and drugs.

    and now you are off to hunt for the workers working for the king pins in maldives?

    this is another media stunt to divert the attention from whats really going on. you people make me sick beyond my wildest imagination.

  2. Hahaha while Maldives police cannot tackle crime in Maldives, they are going to be deployed abroad. oh the irony.

  3. if any of these useless bums did their jobs right, we would have dealt with these drug lords by now. but nope, drug lords help the politician to fund their campaign. with money, or violence.

    everyone knows about it, but no one will do shit about it

  4. Police are a distribution wing of the drug gangs. They need to expand their markets to other countries.

    Yes, they're going to smuggle drugs under 'police protection'.


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