24 year old man arrested for sexually abusing and assaulting a minor

An individual has been taken into custody in Gaaf Dhaal Atoll Hoadehdhoo Island for sexually exploiting and assaulting a 16 year old female minor.

Police reported that the individual, who was arrested on May 1, was a 24 year old male. He was taken in regarding a case first filed in 2013, which stated that he had sexually exploited the victim and assaulted her with a sharp object.

The individual has been remanded in custody for a period of 15 days from May 2 under the orders of the Thinadhoo Magistrate Court for investigation.


2 thoughts on “24 year old man arrested for sexually abusing and assaulting a minor”

  1. Sexually assaulting a minor is disgusting, sick! Nowadays that is.

    Yet, even to discuss a certain 60y man molesting a 9y old girl, would be akin to shooting yourself to a slow death, in Mordis.

    Yet, we all pass 1 plus 1 equals 2, and similar questions in life.


  2. and she will be publicly flogged because she was sexually assaulted. and this will arouse the billy goats running wild in the Maldives.

    the 24 year old will not be in prison for more than 3 months. he will be set free to continue doing what he does best, and wont be surprised to see him as a Quran teacher in the future.


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