Ibthihaal’s mother remanded for a further 15 days

The Criminal Court has extended the remand period of Afiya Mohamed who stands accused of having caused the death of her 3-year-old son Mohamed Ibthihaal on January 28.

Afiya was taken into police custody two day’s after authorities discovered the body of the toddler in Afiya’s home on the island of Rakeedhoo in Vaavu Atoll.

Police yesterday extended the detention period by a futher 15 days, reported Vnews.

The case has sparked a surge in reports of child abuse as reports that officials had been aware of Ibthihaal’s abuse prior to his death prompted national outrage.

Multiple investigations into the case have begun, though MPs involved in the Majlis inquiry have expressed concern that no the work of the government oversight committee is progressing slowly.

Source: Vnews