“A brutal government will not last too long,” says Sheikh Imran

Adhaalath Party President Sheikh Imran Abdulla has said a “brutal government will not last for too long” in a tweet this morning.

The tweet follows a statement from the Adhaalath Party last night in which the party said its council has decided to “remain in the path of speaking the truth and calling on the government and state institutions to reform actions that are against the laws and regulations, as well as Islam.”

The party currently holds the Islamic Affairs portfolio in President Abdulla Yameen’s cabinet. The new statement appears to be an indication it might join the opposition Jumhooree Party (JP) and Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) alliance.

Despite the Adhaalath Party’s reluctance, Sheikh Imran has been highly critical of President Yameen following the arrest of former Defense Minister Mohamed Nazim over a controversial weapons find at his apartment during a midnight police raid on January 18.

In an appearance on Villa TV on Tuesday night, Imran said it was time “for the people who value our nation’s freedom and peace to stand up for the country.”


4 thoughts on ““A brutal government will not last too long,” says Sheikh Imran”

  1. During Mohamed Nasheed's presidency, both Gasim Ibrahim and Abdullah Yamin were also arrested.

    Why are these not contentious issues, and only judge Abdulla's arrest is on trial?

    The other question I want to ask is why is it that the judge's arrest is regarded as terrorism?

    This must be an out-of-date law, and there are such laws in every country. The best way to deal with out-of-date laws is to ignore them and not to invoke them.

    I think this arrest of judge case could be a case of violating the laws of the Constitution eg. violating the separation of powers laws. Such cases should be dealt with in a Constitutional Court, and not a Criminal Court.

    Our father Gayoom Didi forgot to create a Constitutional Court. This same father also forgot to give adequate training to the Prosecutor General who did everything in such haste in his enthusiasm to arrest and try Nasheed.

    Such open enthusism to arrest and punish a former president who is so popular at home and abroad as Mohamed Nasheed is may look like political vendetta and revenge, and may cause more problems than it solves.

    Is it worth it?

    I do not think it is.

  2. @M Fahmy

    The problem with your explanation is that it is logical.

    The popularity of President Nasheed had to be undermined before 2018. But then again popularity among a fickle and politically illiterate population is something a well bred dictator can deal subtly with, given all powers of the state at his disposal.

    One would think a farcical trial would be counter productive. But that again is logic.

    Entitled men like YAG have no temerity to deal with subtleties.

  3. Nasheed had tried very hard to bring all the power under his fist in 2009 but failed .

    Nassheed was elected and was supposed to uphold our new constitution but he failed, instead he challenged it .

    What can we expect from a guy who had criminal record and who was a spoilt born to a filthy rich family.

  4. @Hero: The duty of the President is to protect the people of Maldives. If a law prevents the President from protecting the people, then the law be crushed under a bulldozer.

    Without your get out of jail free card, your kind cannot deal drugs and murder people without getting jailed.


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