It’s time for Adhaalath Party to stand up for Maldives, says Sheikh Imran

Accusing President Abdulla Yameen of corruption and violating of civil rights, Adhaalath Party (AP) President Sheikh Imran Abdulla has said the time has come for the religious party to stand up for the Maldives.

“I believe now is the time for the people who value our nation’s freedom and peace to stand up for the country. Maldives is not on the right track. There is fear amongst the people. We should stand up for them,” he said on Villa TV’s Fasmanzaru programme last night.

The AP continues to hold the Islamic Affairs Ministry in Yameen’s cabinet, despite its ally Jumhooree Party’s (JP) decision to dissolve a coalition with the ruling Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM).

The AP was given the portfolio after JP’s Gasim Ibrahim decided to back Yameen during the second round of the 2013 presidential polls. The religious conservative party had backed Gasim in the first round.

“Adhaalath Party was part of the government coalition advocating for justice, for the rights of the people and to end corruption. We stand for ensuring happiness for the people of our nation. The government is straying from this vision. So in my opinion, Adhaalath Party should fulfill their responsibility as they have done before,” he said, referring to the AP’s key role in ousting former President Mohamed Nasheed in February 2012.

The AP had backed a mass demonstration in 2011 accusing Nasheed of destroying Islam and undermining sovereignty. The party later took part in the 22 days of serial protests that led to a police and military mutiny on February 7, 2012, forcing Nasheed to resign.

Nasheed and Yameen’s former Defense Minister Mohamed Nazim are currently in police custody, facing charges of terrorism and importing illegal weapons, respectively.

Despite having fiercely criticized Nasheed before, Imran last night said he is disappointed by the lack of due process in Nasheed’s trial.

“Even Nasheed should get a fair trial,” he said, and accused the government of framing Nazim.

“We can see the government violating individual rights of the people. We can see corruption within the government in broad daylight. These are the problems that the people are concerned with now,” he added.

Despite the AP’s earlier reluctance to join the coalition JP had formed with Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) in February, Imran insisted that now is the time to stand up for freedom and peace.

The AP and JP had backed Nasheed in the 2008 presidential polls against former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. However, the coalition dissolved within a year, and the then-opposition questioned the legality of Nasheed’s government.

The JP’s coalition with Yameen’s PPM had similarly broken down, Imran noted last night, and accused the government of increased authoritarianism.

Imran’s statements came after a two-hour meeting with President Yameen at the President’s Office on Tuesday.

In a tweet following yesterday’s meeting, Imran assured that the Adhaalath Party would not make a “financial deal”.

“I am certain before and now as well that Nazim was framed,” he tweeted.

In previous tweets, Imran said former President Gayoom should be “ashamed” of the government’s treatment of Gasim as the JP leader had decided to back President Yameen in the 2013 presidential election run-off after Gayoom “pleaded” with Gasim.

After Monday’s presidential address – delivered in the face of protests by opposition MPs – Imran tweeted: “President Yameen is now feeling the bitterness of dissolving of the coalition that brought [him] to power.”

A day before Imran tweeted: “Adhaalath Party will come out to protest when there’s no other way.”


9 thoughts on “It’s time for Adhaalath Party to stand up for Maldives, says Sheikh Imran”

  1. A sad time indeed when these guys are now posing as the valiant "heroes" who cannot be bought at any price i.e. the only ones confronting the powers that be, who are still not locked up just about. Trojan horses more like! OK ok in a democracy everyone must have their say, even if they will be sidelined afterwards in this peculiar banana republic soap opera that's got us all confused!

  2. Respect people! Just learn to respect others. The problem with MDP is lack of respect. It seems MDP is only capable of respecting only the Great White Man. Every other creature is beyond their consideration.
    I remember when Anni went to Germany and said something to the effect that he was considering bringing some Ulema from Germany just to preach us brown people only what we know and what we have been practicing for 100s of years! Islam. This ulema coming from Germany would be moved to tears the moment they arrive at Male and hear the azan from so many small mosques here and there everywhere. Back in the ir country they pray in garages and private houses without the liberty even to voice azaan. So its all about colour you ..

    So here is the MDP logic:
    we the brown people are designed somehow inferior to white people and anybody who thinks otherwise is either a terrorist (like Imran) or a ppm puppet (like everyone else other than MDP and Adhaalath).

  3. Please please . Keep these sick shieks out of politics. They want to destroy the country by taking us back to 15 th century and ruining our tourism Industry. If any rights violated please rectify that but don't give any opportunity to these barbaric extremists

  4. its time to stand up for Maldives?

    adhalath party have decided now to stand up for Maldives?

    that could only mean that they were against Maldives all this time!

  5. Is it a chess game or game of cards? Whatever it may be, the people are now regretting if not realizing they made a mistake a few years ago when they blocked the path to democracy.

    Nasheed was never 100% right in everything he did but his core concept and vision of Maldives was genuine and would have paved way to a better society in time.

    Division among people, division among families, hatred between sisters and brothers just for a few bucks or favors not forgetting the misuse of religion has now brought Maldives to a state of despair.

    I shall never forget the days when the then opposition managed to convince the simple minds that Nasheed was not human but a ghost whose ideologies were to move Maldives from Islam to Christianity. Today, the same people are backing Nasheed realizing, as minister Shaheem mentioned, the country is taking a wrong path.

    I forgive everyone of any party color for the past deeds and I pray and hope, one day we would have a Desmond Tutu figure who will rise up and set up a reconciliation arena where we would all forgive and forget and build the country.

    I beg the government not to further tarnish the Maldivian name in international community as we are too small a country dependent on foreign support. Tomorrow we may be hit by waves, tomorrow our power plant may explode, tomorrow our water supply could breakdown, tomorrow we may even have Ebola...where or to whom would we ask for help???

    Brothers and sisters, its enough and for the sake of our children let us STOP this war that benefits just a handful while the majority suffer pondering what the future holds.

  6. @ red rabbit - good comment.

    So Adaalath has decided its time to stand up.

    Before it was not the time to stand up. Before only it was time to sit. So finally, Adaalath has determined the time has come..

    Hopefully its not like the time decided by Rajpakse's astrologers.

  7. Please you Sheikhs. Don't you think we have suffered enough. You guys are at the vanguard of every revolution but your ideology never ever gains forward momentum. Is it because you hate Shariah like everyone else? I know its bad for business and all... Pls sit this one out. You guys have got me confused enough.

  8. Ahhhh

    our pre-paid Sheiks, are up for another task of pitting one muslim against another.

    wonder who they will label as the infidel this time and get the mass brainwashed mob to chase with their pitchforks.

    such a game these people play, and its us the citizen who are caught in the middle. non of these scholars think about the well being of the general public, but they are highly motivated for the well being of their pockets.

    nothing you people day will be digested by me, i will spit you out like the poison you are.


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