“A demoralised opposition, even divided, is not making things easy for the government”: Daily Mirror

A legislative deadlock involving the Executive and Parliament on the one hand, and the Executive and the Judiciary on the other, both leading to a serious and a series of constitutional crisis kept Maldivian politics and politicians on their toes for most of 2010, writes Sathiya Moorthy for Sri Lanka’s Daily Mirror.

“Now in the third year of its five-year term, the government of President Mohammed Nasheed ‘Anni’ has tied itself down in a fiscal situation through an IMF-driven ‘managed float’ of rufiyaa, the local currency. The government says that the consequent steep increase in prices was unavoidable but would stabilise within three months.

“A demoralised opposition, even when remaining divided, is not making things easy for the government. Their protest rallies drew crowds for a few days in a row with the police having to disperse them forcibly. Though the government blamed them on the opposition, particularly the divided Dhivehii Rayyithunghe Party (DRP) founded by former President Maumoon Gayoom, sections of the local media said apolitical youth were seen in good numbers.”

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